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    1. 合眾速遞(UCS)單號查詢



      United Courier Service (UCS) is the exclusive agent of China EMS in the United States of America and provides an extended and designated window to serve customers who have the needs to do business in China. We have more than 30 ports with the largest delivery and pick-up coverage throughout China to provide import and export related services, including trucking, air cargo service, freight management, door to door delivery, and port-to-port order services. We also offer other value-added services, such as duty free, warehouse storage and distribution, and COD service (with trackable on-line receipts and records). We have earned ourselves a high reputation with first-class, highly capable and adaptable transport management solutions. Our broad range of service includes:

      a. We provide services for international mail orders, on-line internet orders, and direct marketing orders, including Cash on Delivery service, to meet rapidly growing global market needs.

      b. We support your generic or specific storage requirements along with duty free bond warehousing. Further more, we will distribute the orders to the end user/customer based on their individual requirement.

      c. We provide all kinds of logistics service, from other countries to China or from China to other countries, including ocean freight, air freight, door to door, and port to port.

      d. We support media subscription (newspaper, magazine, etc) and direct mail distribution services (to any destination).

      e. We use state of the art technology to support real time on-line tracking and 24/7 customer services. Our tracking system can be linked to your on-line ordering systems which provide integrated services for better customer satisfaction.

      Contact Information

      Address: 3760 W CENTURY BLVD INGLEWOOD, CA 90303

      Telephone No.: (714) 522-2210

      Fax No.: (714) 522-0990